haisuinonasa was originally formed by Yoshimasa Terui (guitar), Atsumasa Terui (bass), Tomoyuki Tamura (key), and Keisuke Nakamura (drum) in 2004 with the addition of Ai Kamano (vocal) in 2005. After actively performing many shows in the Tokyo area, the band remained as the finalist in the “SUMMER SONIC 2007” rookie audition, hosted by EMI [Great Hunting].
haisuinonasa’s music is simply unclassifiable — there are hints of post rock, minimal music, prog-rock, electronica, and all sorts of styles and influences. They weave a dreamy, narrative tapestry of piano-driven breakbeat (as some may call it) by filtering through pop music with innovative uses of tones and timbres. One thing for certain, if you are into polyrhythms and ostinatos, you’re in for a treat.
The band has toured with Do Make Say Think and shared stages with Clammbon, Masakatsu Takagi, Midori, This Town Needs Guns and Contemporary Noise Sextet. Recommended to listeners of Cornelius, Steve Reich, Spangle Call Lilli Line, ASA-CHANG & JUNRAY.


The Child Of Imagination And City

2010/11/17(Wed) RELEASE
ZNR-101 ¥ 1,890 (TAX IN)